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The Genesis Flexibility* subscription plan provides a choice of models available, the support of a Genesis Personal Assistant, scheduled servicing and roadside assistance, you also have the option to flex the duration of your subscription period to suit your evolving needs.

*Genesis Flexibility T&Cs and exclusions apply. Minimum 6-month term.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Offer

  • What is included with Genesis Flexibility

    With Genesis Flexibility you receive all of the benefits that are included with owning a Genesis plus the flexibility to return the vehicle after 6 months with no penalty.

  • How is the 6 months defined?

    6 months is your initial rental plus 6 monthly rentals.

  • Is insurance included?

    Unfortunately Insurance isn’t currently included.  You are free to choose fully comprehensive insurance through your preferred insurer or click here to get a quote from Genesis Insurance.

  • What is the eligibility criteria for Genesis Flexibility?

    Finance subject to status. 18s or over. Guarantee my be required

  • How do I get my vehicle?

    All vehicles are delivered free of charge to your desired handover location on mainland UK.

  • How old are the vehicles?

    All Genesis Flexibility models are new vehicles.

  • How do I find out the status of my booking?

    Your Genesis Personal Assistant will be available to keep you updated throughout the process.

  • When will I receive confirmation of my booking request?

    You will hear from a member of the team within 24 hours.

  • What documents do I need to have ready when the vehicle is delivered?

    You will need to provide photograph ID.

  • What other costs can I incur apart from the monthly instalment?

    Running costs such as insurance, fuel, and consumables e.g washer fluid.

Contract Options

  • What term is available?

    Each contract is 18 months, however you have the option to return the vehicle any time after 6 months with no penalty.

  • What is the mileage allowance?

    Advertised offers based on 10,000 miles per annum.  Other mileage options are available and can be discussed when we contact you.

  • Can I increase the mileage allowance?

    Yes, you can discuss your mileage requirements when you are contacted.

  • What payment options do I have?

    All payments will be collected by Direct Debit.

  • How do I get more detailed information about a vehicle?

    Please visit or ask your Genesis Personal Assistant, who will be happy to help.

During the Contract

  • Who is allowed to drive the vehicle?

    Anyone who is insured on the vehicle and has your permission.

  • How is the vehicle registration done?

    Vehicles will be registered to Genesis Finance.

  • Can I add a personalised number plate?

    Unfortunately, personalised number plates are not available.

  • How are any fines handled?

    Any penalty charge notices received will be forwarded to you.

  • Can I change my bank details from which the amount is debited?

    Please call 0800 092 8147 to arrange a change of bank account.

  • What about a breakdown service?

    Genesis 24 hour roadside assistance is included within the monthly payment.

  • Who is the vehicle owner on Genesis Flexibility?

    Vehicles are owned by Genesis Finance.

  • Can I change my booked mileage package during the term?

    It’s possible to make amendments between month 7 and 12 of the contract. If you would like to request a change to your agreed mileage, please complete and submit the form here

  • What do I do in the event of an accident?

    In the event of an accident, please contact Genesis Accident Assistance on 0330 818 0494.  They'll step in immediately, manage your insurance claim and provide accident recovery as well as a courtesy car, all at no cost to you.

  • What happens after the minimum contract period?

    The contract will continue until you would like to return the vehicle (up to a maximum of 18 months).

  • Can I take the vehicle abroad?

    Yes, you can take the vehicle away for 28 days, please contact us on 0800 092 8147 option 2 to arrange. We will then send out the relevant travel documents (£20 admin fee).

End of Contract

  • Can I cancel my contract?

    Yes, there is a 14-day cooling off period, please call 0800 8048 115 if you would like to discuss.

  • When can I cancel following the cooling off period?

    You can cancel anytime, please call 0800 8048 115 to discuss. To cancel with no penalty, 30 days’ notice is required and you need to have made 6 standard rentals.

  • How do I arrange return of my vehicle?

    Please call 0800 8048 115 and arrangements will be made for you. 30 days’ notice is required.

  • What happens in the event of damage?

    It's appreciated wear and tear will happen throughout the agreement.  You will be invoiced for any damage found outside of the fair wear and tear guidelines.

  • Do I have to have an inspection?

    Yes, vehicles are inspected when returned.

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